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What is valid email checker? is a one stop solution to boost your business and marketing campaigns. We offer a lot of products that are specially built to get the best results. However, we ensure our customers for trusted and one stop solution platform.

Valid Email Checkers:

Valid email checker is a software or a tool built to boost your emailing campaigns. It check for a valid and registered user account on a specific website and make your work done easily. Valid email checkers are built differently for a platform. It saves your time, efforts, and most importantly your resources that are used for a specific campaigns such as SMTP.

How valid email checkers works?

Valid email checkers request to a specific platform the checker built for using an endpoint and scrape the required info which identify that the requested email is registered on a server or not.


A customer need to promote his product to amazon users via email marketing. There are over 7 billion email accounts and the customer haveĀ  no idea which email have a Amazon account. Mostly SMTPs have low limit and low inbox rating. When customers start sending to blind emails, the emails which are unknown, the SMTP suddenly stops or start hitting spam. However, using valid email checkers you can identify which email address have amazon user account. It make your work done easily. The most important advantage of the valid email checkers are it save time, the rate of results increase by 75% and it saves the resources.

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There are always some limitations specially on resources. The resources are pointed to the tools people are using for campaigns such as SMTPs. So the SMTP limit is 5k emails per day and the customer have around 100k blind emails having no idea which email have Amazon account. When the customer check the emails in valid email checker, the checker will specify and save the valid email accounts to a new file name. When the customer check 100k emails and valid email checker reflect and confirm the Amazon existing email addresses on the emails so it will be much easy to start your spamming campaigns with effective rate of success.

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