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Top 7 reasons your email campaign lands in the spam

Top 7 reasons your email campaign lands in the spam, SMTP (Simple mail protocol) is a communication protocol for email transmission. It transfers an email from one server to another. SMTPs are used for many purposes.

Common purposes SMTP can be used for:

There are many ways an SMTP can be used for such as

  • Emailing
  • Digital Email marketing
  • Spamming

and much more.

There are other purposes too that SMTP can be used for. However, the main problem of using SMTP is, especially in digital marketing, the email campaign lands in the spam. We have received a lot of requests to write about the solution of the safe usage of SMTP. It is also a part of our course but here we are sharing it for free so a lot of you can be aware of the safest usage of SMTP.

Top 7 reasons your email campaign lands in the spam

We will be covering the main issues that cause your emailing campaigns to land in spam, or the SMTP stops working.

  • Bad Email Content or spammy content
  • Bad Subject
  • Spammy From Name
  • Unsanitized Emails
  • Old headers or Old senders
  • Low-quality SMTP server
  • Rate Limitation

We will be sharing a solution to all the problems in the best and recommended ways.

Spammy Email Content

Spammy email content or bad email content is the cause of your email campaign landing spam. Email servers have a firewall that detects spammy email content. However, don’t use such words or content that may be detected and will ruin your emailing campaign.


Always write neat and clean content that does not have any word that most of the emailing servers banned.


EmailChecks Sender has its built-in spam checker that checks for spammy content in your checker. It is one of the best spam checkers we ever made.

Bad Subject

A bad subject or a spammy subject is also the main cause of email spam. People use a bad subject that causes the email filtered and obviously land in spam. Also, the same subject sent to multiple emails is also the cause of spam emails. However, use a clean subject that does not reflect anything related to spam and send a unique subject to each email. But it is very hard to send a unique subject to each email as to what if there are thousands of emails? don’t worry we got your back.


Always write easy to understand, unique subject. Use EmailChecks Sender. It has its own built-in placeholders that change the Subject, Email Content itself. You can also add MD5, Random Text Generation, Random Number Generation to the subject and email content using the EmailChecks Sender special feature.

Spammy From Name

Spammy From Name causes a very bad impact on the receiver. However, if you send From Name that is already reserved by a company it may cause your email campaign to land all in spam. Use a unique Frome Name.


Use a unique From Name, Don’t use spammy from the From Name.


Use EmailChecks Sender that has a built-in feature to bypass the spammy From Name and send it in the inbox.

Unsanitized Emails

Do you ever wonder why your SMTP stops working? or why it starts sending spam. The reason is unsanitized emails. Always send emails to subscribed emails or filtered emails. Bulk emails have dead emails, bounce emails, non-existent emails that kill your SMTP or land it in spam. But how can we check bulk emails especially in huge quantities? Don’t worry we got you.


Always use filtered and targeted emails for your emailing campaign.


For checking bulk emails especially in huge quantities use Email Checkers or Email Validators. Check out the link, if you don’t find any tool related to your emailing campaign, contact us and we will code it for you.

Old Headers or Old Senders

For SMTP email sending obviously, people use a Sender that is designed to send emails to bulk or single emails in different ways. However, SMTP uses headers for email sending to a server. Old Senders usually have old headers that do not meet the new email server requirements, it does send your email but the email lands in spam.


Always use updated and trusted email senders that keep the updating and performing maintenance of a sender.


Use EmailChecks Sender. It is 100% updated and uses fully updated headers. Also, this sender is designed to make everything easier and perform every task just by clicking a button. So don’t worry about hustling for hours, checking for emails, content, headers, and everything.

Low-quality SMTP server

SMTP servers also have low-quality and high-quality SMTP servers, you can also say Strong or weak SMTP servers. However, always use a trusted SMTP server and a strong one. The older the SMTP server the more it will last. So make sure you are using a trusted SMTP server.


Always use trusted SMTP servers such as

there are more good servers too. But these are the highlighted ones.

Rate Limitation

SMTP also has a limit. Some SMTP servers have low email sending limits, some have a high sending limit. Choose a good SMTP server that has a good sending limit and is reliable. Also, avoid sending huge emails at once. Send email campaign in stages. For example, if you have 10k emails, First send to 2k emails and then wait for some time after that send to 2k more, and goes on. This will keep your SMTP safe and sound.

There is a lot more stuff that needs to keep in mind. But these are the main reasons your SMTP dies and your mailing campaign land in spam.

EmailChecks Sender

EmailChecks sender is the all-in-one solution to all email campaigns. It has spam detectors, special bypasses, the latest headers, fast, and a lot more features. EmailChecks Sender covers mostly all the issues and reasons that cause your emails to land in spam. It is highly recommended to use EmailChecks Sender.

EmailChecks Sender


If you are still not satisfied, contact us and we will assign a specialist that will review your emailing campaign and analyze the setup. After that, they’ll either improve or give suggestions according to the needs.

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